Plastic Track

13mm permeable type ETPU+HTPE flexible runway

Applicable to sports venues such as large, medium, primary, kindergarten, sports school, stadium,training ground, etc.

Material Description:

Base particle diameter: 2-4mm

White ETPU particle diameter: 5-6mm

Surface layer HTPE particles: 0.5-2mm

Construction Description:

Primer: 0.2kg/m2

10mm bottom layer (2-4) Particles: 7kg particles mixed with0.3kg ETPU particles with 1kg glue

3mm surface layer (0.5-2) granules: 1kg granules with 1kgglue (two-way two-way spray)

Advantage introduction:

01-Environmental protection, safety and odourless;

02-Short construction time, no holiday construction

03-Long service life, enterprise quality assurance;

04-No solid waste is generated, and it will be recycled free of charge when it is used;

05-Excellent material performance, polymer 30% inorganic 50%;

06-Colorful, can do any color;

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